Foot and shoe accessories
Shoe accessories

Foot Solutions offer a range of carefully chosen accessories for foot and shoe care. Our staff will advise on the applicability of these individual products to your feet and footwear.

Foot Care Accessories

Dr Joseph’s Adjustable Mirror Kit
To allow easy inspection of the diabetic under-foot

Foot Rubz Massage Balls
Uses ancient Asian acupressure techniques to apply pressure in order to relax muscles, reduce tension and increase circulation

Bauerfeind Performance Compression Socks
Quality sports socks that promote improved blood circulation and increased energy through compression and reduced muscle vibration

Adjustable Heel Lifts
Designed for comfort – firm multi layered material conforms to shoe and prevents heel rubbing

Bunion Night Splints
Helps keep the big toe correctly aligned and eases pain caused by bunions

Copper Sole Technology Socks by Aetrex
Help eliminate, bacteria, fungi and odour using copper sole technology. Unsurpassed in comfort, performance and protection

Foot Solutions Gel Toe Separators
Straighten and align toes and relieve pressure from bunions

Foot Solutions Toe Straighteners
Perfect for easing pain caused by crooked, broken or hammer toes

Gelx Toe Stretchers
Relieve inter-digital abrasion between toes. Gently divide and cushion crooked toes

Breathable Plantar Fascia Stretchers and Exerciser
Relieve pressure of overlapping toes and bunions

Relieving Heel Cushions
Effectively reduce heel pain thanks to three relief zones which distribute pressure optimally with each step

Malleo Train Active Support
Relieves and stabilises the ankle

Silicone Impact Absorbers
Absorbs shock using enhanced cushioning for sensitive areas

Foot Cream
For dry, rough, hard skin. Contains papaya and olive oil

Shoe Care Accessories

Pedag Stick-On-Sole for Slippery Shoes
Stick-on-sole to prevent shoes from slipping. Non-slip, ultra-thin and quick and easy to apply

Carbon Pro Shoe Protection Spray
Innovative carbon-technology provides high performance protection against wetness and dirt

Foot Solutions Shoe Horns
To enable easy, comfortable footwear fitting

Shoe Creams, Polish and Cleaning Accessories
To clean, shine and care for footwear products

Nu Buck and Suede Protector Sprays
Protects material and highlights colour

Decorative Shoe Clips
Ingenious embellishment to let you ‘re-invent’ your shoes

Vamp Extensions
For a perfect fit

Deo Sole Anti Foot Odour and Shoe Fresheners
Incorporating a unique carbon laminate with innovative and long-lasting odour neutralising technology. Offer protection by keeping shoes fresh for up to 8 weeks

Yaktrax Snow and Ice Walkers
For better traction, confidence and safety on snow and ice.  Made with high strength, abrasion resistant steel coils and natural rubber